Parent Outreach Office

Parent Outreach Office

This office provides a multitude of services to bilingual parents, ESOL students and community organizations so that the integration of bilingual families to our regular school communities is assured. Research has proven that if families are involved in their children’s education, they will achieve academic success.

It is our interest to constantly update and provide resources through this website to parents, students and community members that will facilitate their involvement. Look for valuable information about the Broward County School District and your schools so that you can make informed academic decisions. Information on the National and State level are also provided to parents so that they are familiar with their rights and responsibilities, such as in the Every Student Succeeds Act.

The following are some of the services that this office provides:

  • Direct and individual assistance to bilingual parents and ESOL students in school related issues and serve as a resource to different community services
  • Orientation to students and parents about the American School System and the Broward County ESOL Program and Services
  • A comprehensive School – Parent – Student – Community collaboration program
  • Parent Leadership Training
  • Collaboration and assistance to the ESOL Leadership Council in promoting increased academic achievement of ESOL students
  • Assistance to schools in reaching out to their ESOL parents in the District major languages: Spanish, Haitian Creole and Portuguese
  • High school and career orientation to students and parents of middle and high schools
  • The development and implementation of a yearly Bilingual Parent Institute and Bilingual Youth Leadership conference
  • Collaboration with local colleges/universities to promote increased enrollment of ESOL student graduates
  • Collaboration with community organizations and agencies to promote services to bilingual families and ESOL students.

Please access the many resources we have provided here for you as a way of working with your students to achieve goals of high academic achievement. We would also appreciate as much feedback from you in how to make the website as useful as it can possibly be for our families, students and community members. (Contact us)

Getting Involved

There are many ways in which parents can get involved in the education of their students. To understand the many local, state and federal organizations, please click here.